The Kids Are Watching. What Message Are We Sending Them?

People have always told me I’m loud, I have a dominating personality and I’m intimidating etc…. Until recently, I didn’t realize how much I have let these criticisms silence my voice.

Over the past 10 years I’ve developed into a nurturing Mother. This has definitely helped me ‘soften my edges’.

Top off all of this by my fear of living in any stress or urgency that manifested when my Father was in a traumatic 4 Wheeler accident and now lives with a severe brain injury and requires care 24/7.  This experience showed me how quickly it can all be taken from you so never spend a second unhappy. I vowed to never spend another second in stress which buried deep into my soul and kept me living in a place of fear.

All of this accumulated into a false personality trait of timidness, lack of drive and complacency. It was liked I tipped the scale in the other direction.

THEN the break through. OMG I’m seeing this same personality starting to develop in my children.   I saw fear peeking it’s head through in their school work, social life and sports.  That’s when I made the decision to practice overcoming fear by doing scary stuff and expecting more from myself.

This decision created a drive in me to push my perceived limitations and expect my children to do the same. I’m now searching for ways to  fall on my ass and get right back up.  I’m excited about being bold again.  I’m eager for my voice to be heard.  I laugh in the face of stress.  Without a little stress and tension in life, we can’t see what we are made of.

To say YES to the big failures.
KNOW I’m succeeding and I will continue to succeed forward.

I say “YES” to choosing courage to expand over building walls.  We are all meant to walk forward in live with our God given voices?

My 11 year old asked me recently to skate with him.  You see, he’s a big skateboarder.  He’s passionate, focused and driven to do his best on his board.  So, I said ‘YES’.  What an opportunity for me to literally fall on my ass and get back up!   How great of an opportunity for him to see me saying yes to something that scares me and only to succeed by failure.

And that is just what happened.  I fell on my ass…  hard but got back up. Just as his bravery and determination has afforded him time after time at skate practice.  We both set goals as to what we wanted to accomplish before we left the skate park and we hit them before we left.

Our children are always watching.  And we may not see our decision and fears directly impacting our children but they do.  We need to be asking ourselves, what message am I sending to my kiddos?  Is what I’m doing right now cultivating enough life so that our kids can face fears, jump over walls and really know the limitless potential of the greatness inside of them?

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