The Simplicity Project – Step 5

STEP 5 - Release to Receive

Turn Your Focus Inward.  You’ve done the work for the stuff in your external spaces.  Now what about your internal spaces?

In order to create more space and abundance, we need to remove the stuff so we can be ready to receive.  

You have evaluated at least one space.  You have made not on to keep, throw away, give away or store, the clutter in this space.  You have focused on your consumption and are currently working on building a strong foundation of gratitude.  Kudos for you!!!

Please keep in mind that each step doesn't necessarily end as you move onto the next step.  It can very well be an ongoing process!  That's okay!

This step requires some more internal examination of the role in your life that you predominately play within ONE of the spaces

you chose to evaluate. For example, in my office, the role I play is an entrepreneur/coach.

Getting specific in our visualizations creates emotion and greater chances of us manifesting what we desire and how we want to feel!

  1. Write out the role you play in that space ____________________________
  2. Visualize yourself best self in that role. Shining and at peace.
  3. What is stopping that feeling from becoming reality?
  4. What limitations are YOU putting on yourself?  What fears are causing these limiting beliefs?

Now we are heading back to Step 2.... It's time to purge all that STUFF doesn't serve you.  Turn inward to your intuition.  Does it feel right to  throw out, or give away or store items?   Does it lighten up the room?  Does it release the clutter?  Does it make you feel good?  

We are looking to raise our vibrations within this role that you plan in your important space.  Once we raise the vibrations of that role, all the roles in life work together with grace and ease.  This is when life becomes more simple and you become more focused. 

LASTLY, but very importantly, bless and say a mantra to  everything you keep.  For example, if you decide to keep an ornamental like a vase, hold the vase, give it grace and gratitude and create a sentence of acceptance for that piece.

"I thank this vase for bringing light to my spirit and giving me something beautiful to look at."

Sounds coo coo?  It's not!  It goes back to that step of gratitude which grounds us and simplifies life.


Please be sure to comment on this step.  I'd love to hear how you are doing with this process!  Also, I'd love to continue to work with you!  Please reach out to me and we will schedule a Clarity Coaching Call!



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