The Simplicity Project – Step 3

Step 3 

Consumption Kills Simplicity and Clarity

Consumption Kills Simplicity And creates attachments that hold us down and keep us from leaping forward!  Attachments are something we discuss more in my coaching program Clarity Above Chaos. For this project, please note that we have attachments to things, but most times those things are simply the mask fronting for the true attachment.  Is it a person, place, thought or emotion? 

This particular step is something you may not be ready for at this time.  If not, ask yourself why and then move on to step 4. Come back to this again when it has more value or relevance in your life! 

**** Pick a period of time. A day, a week, a month or a year. During this predetermined time, do not purchase anything you don’t NEED.  The simple awareness of not purchasing anything brings more simplicity into your life. You start to become hyper aware of other consumption patterns that can trigger stress, stagnation and complexity.****

Remember,  attachment is the result of consuming things. Let’s call this an exercise in awareness of what you actually need. I promise, we don’t need anymore attachments.  They create that reminder of what we don’t have or didn’t have before we bought it.  

I decided to go bold and do this for one year.  I’m 2 months into it and I have gotten so much out of this already.  I fell into the habit of shopping and consuming in excess.  If I were bored, I’d go buy a dress.  If I was so busy I couldn’t breathe, I buy a piece of jewelry. If I had a successful moment in my business, I’d get a manicure.  If I had a failure in my business, I’d go out to eat.  This was an ongoing pattern for years and I didn’t realize how attached to reward I was.  I was attached to distraction by shopping and my success with Modern Yinster showed this. 

Now, shopping or frivolous lunches are not an option.  I’ve gotten rid of my need for more stuff and opened a door to determination and discipline.  Now, instead of spending money, I make a lot more!

When I told my kids this they exclaimed, “yea!! because you shop a lot and we had to go with you.”  Ouch, but a good ouch.  They were noticing my unhealthy behaviors and this change benefited them because they no longer have to shop with me, but also, now they will learn that reward comes from within.  They will continue to see me flourish in my business and frankly, my new found drive and discipline is setting a passionate tone for when I am coaching my children through life.  

 If more comes along with this particular exercise, let’s chat.  This step affects everyone differently and most of my clients are surprised at the results.  

Is this something you are up to right now? Perhaps it is a step that you need to put on the back burner?  Timing is important but don’t wait for the perfect time to do this because there will never be a ‘perfect time.’  


I’d love to continue to work with you on a deeper level.  If you like the idea of creating more simplicity in your life or digging deeper within your true self, let’s set up a call.  I’d love to hear more and introduce you to a program that shows you how to really study yourself to find truth beyond what you think you are capable of knowing.  


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