The Simplicity Project – Step 2


HARPU (Is it time to Let it Go?)

This step allows us to take our evaluation deeper and begin to make the connection between our physical stuff and our internal stuff. 

Look over your evaluation sheet.  Focus on one room that is most important to you and that you feel could use some de clutering. 

This room may hold some emotional significance for you.  If you come across this, it’s okay.  Flow with that emotion(s) and even journal how you are feeling. 

For example, my home work space is a special spot.  So special that I couldn’t work there for over a year.  

Five years ago we adopted a senior American Pit Bull Terrier named Johnny Cash.  Johnny Cash was a big bundle of chillax and love. At first we fostered him but after two weeks, we knew he fit our family perfectly.  He blessed us in ways I can not describe here. If you have a beloved fur baby, then perhaps you can feel me.  

Every day, Johnny would sit in his special place by my desk.  He worked with me. We would talk, read, snuggle all throughout the day.  We did this for 2 years. Then he got sick and our sweet JC crossed the rainbow bridge to his next adventure.  

What happened next was unexpected.  I always say, I don’t know what that dog did to me but I didn’t realize what an emotional bond I had with him until I hit a wall after his passing.  I loved him so much. Now that he was gone, I couldn’t enter my office. The sense of him still lingered. The silence was toxic. The energy was low and heavy.  

Example Evaluation: 

  1.  I felt deep sorrow in that space.
  2. This space was a 10 on the scale of importance
  3. This space SHOULD be visited every single day of the week. 
  4. This space was the second most important space in my life
  5. I wanted to feel light and liberated.

I had to let some shit go.  And I’m not talking about physical things, I mean emotional.  But first, that starts with the tangible stuff. The physical clutter that had accumulated over the course of 9 months while purposely neglecting the room.

Have you heard of the word Harpu?  It is a Greek word that means to let go.  The idea of it is a bit morbid depending on how you view it.  It’s as if you were drowning in the ocean. Not a person or life preserver to save you.  You let go completely and know that God (how ever defined by you) has you.  

So when I entered this space to create a healthy connection, I had to take an inward journey and learn how to let go.  I had one objective. To go through everything in that room and either keep it, throw or give it away or put it in storage.  

So as this exercise may seem simple, you will come into contact with objects that bring you an emotional or skin crawling charge.  Face it. Own it. Then complete step 2. You got this.  

Step 2 Continues…… On your piece of paper from step one, take a lose inventory write down what you want to…..

  1.  Keep
  2. Store 
  3. Throw or Give Away

Ideally it would be great to just get to work and do it all right here and now but I know our lives are full and right now might not be an option?  This is why I invite you to ‘write it down’ first. It will allow you to keep up with the steps AND you will be more prepared to get in the room and take care of business without the step seeming overwhelming.  . 

If you get stuck on an item, here are some other questions for your to ask yourself…

  1.  When was the last time I used this?
  2. What would this space be like if I removed it?
  3. Do I even like this?
  4. Does it serve more than one purpose?
  5. How much is this worth to me?

When you are ready, let’s hop on to Step 3.  If this takes you a while, it’s okay.  Stay the course!


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