Welcome To The Renewal!



  1. There really are no rules.  This is about reconnecting with your body.
  2. This is not a structured program.  That's the beauty of it.  We learn to listen to our body because all our bodies are different!
  3. I will send out an email every day with a quote, mantra, stretch or meditation!  Get ready to be inspired!
  4. I will send you the emails the first week of February, April, June, August, October, and December.  Make Renewal part of your yearly routine!
  5. I recommend having fresh fruits and veggies very close by in case you decide to eat.
  6. The Renewal is beyond a diet, although you will lose weight, we are not punishing or taking away food.  We are GIVING our spirit back what it needs.
  7. Juice if you would like! I prefer to drink an organic green juice when I get hungry.  But again, this is YOUR fast.
  8. Consider fasting first for 15 hours then see how you feel.  Then bump it longer by a few hours each day.
  9. To take advantage of my monthly accountability coaching program, click HERE
  10. Email me with questions, erika@modernyinster.com
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