Strength Centering Practice – Download/Worksheet/Audible

We live in FAST times.  When life comes at us fast and we ride on that wave, we tend to revert to what is easy.  And let me tell you, it’s easy to focus on our weaknesses isn’t it? We are what we focus on and if we continue to focus on what we feel we lack, life hands us ‘less than’.

When I write ‘Less than’ I mean, the mundane, the routine, the bland, sometimes hopeless, and the feeling of a hamster in a wheel.  Working hard only to go nowhere.

Let’s turn this around and turn to our strengths to create prosperity, love, clarity, drive and PASSION!  

I want to share with you a practice we did in our morning Awake and Aware Virtual 20 min class as part of a game we play called Truth and Dare.  I’d love for you to play with us too!! See below to see how to do our Strength Centering Practice.

Please Download the worksheet HERE!  This download contains step by step instructions and an audible guided practice as well!

If you would like more daily and weekly practices in your life, join the Morning Awake and Aware class!  Lots more great life practices just like this!  Click HERE for the deets!


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