Master thoughts, emotions and actions to create explosive success in life! Yoga for a strong body and stronger mind. Work with Erika one on one!

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Mindful Make-Over Academy

A self paced 'members only' academy gives you the guidance and tools you need to lead a successful life without giving up what you love  most.  Train your brain to build discipline, clarity and focus.

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Retreats - Team Building and Yinster Yoga

Give your team the inspiration and mindset education they need to  create mindful leadership and a inspire creative team building. (Page Under Construction, please contact us for immediate assistance)

a free workbook...

Perhaps you are dreaming of a slower paced life but you just don't see how in the world it can happen with everything you have going on.  THIS IS THE PLACE TO START!   I want to give you this free resource that will teach you a great foundation on how to incorporate stillness in your life!