Say Hello To My Little Friends


I remember last year at this time, my professional life derailed a bit off the tracks.  However, it was a great derailment and I was still going in the right direction.  Forward.  I was given the opportunity to direct the Yoga Teacher Training Program at Yoga Pod in College Station and it was a delightful, educational and uplifting year.  I will continue the position in 2019 with the same eagerness as 2018.  Even though that door is still open, I'm at a place where I feel like I can open yet another door and grow both the Training Program and Modern Yinster.

I'm am pleased to introduce you to my two new friends.  Ms. Podcast and Ms. New Class.  These are two new projects I started at the beginning of 2018 but they have just recently come into fruition. For the record they are not really people but I take care of them with passion and love so they may as well be people.

I've recently launched my very first Pod Cast Session called 'Embracing and Overcoming adversity'.  This quick session is about accepting and embracing life even when it punches you in the face. Be sure to subscribe because another one is coming soon called, 'It's Not Them... It's You.'…/the-joyful-life-wit…/id1444832060

Also, I will be launching a new type of class in January. It's powerful simplicity will transform your life! The class is always live, virtual and on Tuesday and Thursday Mornings.  Please click the link below for more info on the class.

As you go through Christmas, keep in the back of your mind the changes you want to make to start 2019.  What is most important to you?  Success?  Happiness? Money? Stronger Relationships?  Anything you desire will come into fruition once stillness becomes an everyday way of life.  Stillness is like anything else you dream to be successful with, it take discipline.  How will you create that discipline in your life?

HINT: I just gave you a sneak peek into a great tool to use beginning in January. 🙂

PS. Not sure what a Modern Yinster is?  Click HERE

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