Retreat to Get Ahead

Sometimes we need to step away from life to leap ahead.  Distractions can cloud the mind.  We find ourselves uncertain in our decisions, our paths and falling into the never ending cycle of self doubt.  When we step away we allow ourselves to see the bigger picture.  For example take a simple flame.  The flame is fierce, provides light and staring right at it, all we see is the beauty of the flame.  BUT, take 5 steps back from the flame.  We begin to see the residual light, the shadows and we notice the air around it that creates the flame.  This is the same for life.  kk

I lead two different types of Destination Retreats…

  1.  Leadership Retreats – For women that have a team they would like to bring together in a 3rd party setting to build mindfulness and strength within the individual and strength within the team. (see details below)
  2. Yinster Yoga Retreat – Small groups and individual Women that are running so fast and can’t stop the pin ball game of thoughts in their head.

Leadership Retreat:

If you have even one person working with you, you are a team leader.  If anyone learns from you; then you are in a leadership position.  No matter if you have 1 or 100 people on your team, you set the pace and the tone of the tribe.  Setting a mindful and strong bond between individuals on your team is IMPERATIVE for success in your business and relationships.

  • Customized Leadership and Yoga Lessons for all levels
  • Chef created healthy and fresh American/Vietnamese Cuisine. (Food intolerance ALWAYS accommodated for)
  • The 3 Poisons of Performance
  • Effective Listening and Communication Lessons and Interactive Sessions
  • Silent Times for self reflection
  • Education and Discussion on Meditation/Stillness/Mindfulness/Stress Control.
  • How to align your thoughts and emotions to create new and healthy habits and disciplines

Yinster’s Yoga Retreat

Perhaps you need to step away from the scurry of life.  You know you need to get away but you seek an opportunity to rest, relax and build yourself up by learning and meeting other driven women.

  • 3 Day and 2 Night Mini Retreat
  • Morning and Afternoon Yoga Sessions Taught by Erika Ervin
  • 3 Hours of Silent Time Every day. (Reflection, Reading, Writing, Meditation etc…)
  • Check created health and fresh American/Vietnamese Cuisine (Food intolerance ALWAYS accommodated for.)
  • Spirituality, Communication, Stress Release Lessons and Discussions.

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