Recharge for Fall

It’s here!  Can you feel it and smell it all around?  The Fall season is upon us as we begin our final leg of this most interesting year.

In the Fall a tree will loose its leaves.  The leaves wobble to the ground as they begin to settle on the ground.  We are comparably those leaves. 

Perhaps you’ve been feeling a bit unsettled as wobble through the season.  Have you noticed a feeling of an unsettled mind recently?


This month I’m reading the book, Deep Work by Cal Newport.  He writes about the lost art of long bouts of time in deep thought on one subject. 

He says that when we can practice Deep Work, then we build the skill of attention and this increased attention bleeds into the shallow moments and we more skillfully change the outcome of anything. 

He even goes as far as to scientifically prove this! 

So in this month of October, what will you be paying attention to?

When we strengthen the skill of attention, we can produce more positive outcomes!


I know this might seem weird coming from a Gal that preaches stillness of the mind, but we are striving to find a balance and harmony as we don’t want the mind to become dull.  

What ever you decide to focus on during October, keep you attention on your intention! 

Pause Frequently,



Meditation is a form of concentration on one point.  It allows us to dive into deep work inward.  Meditation will also allow you to clear the mind so you can create clarity in your deep thoughts.  


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