The Inner Circle is a comprehensive Well Being program for active achievers who ...

  • Show up every day determined to do their best.
  • Believe in Lean Business Practices and Leadership
  • Seek continuous improvement opportunities with a supportive community
  • Value excellence, productivity and accomplishment
  • View their career as part of their life and desire to have their personal and professional lives harmonize.
  • Appreciate straight forward coaching and accountability.

Dear YINster!

Are you ready to make pivotal changes in your daily structure, discipline and mindset?

If you are ready to ditch the overwhelm and stress but increase your productivity... This program is for you!

Our unique system is a blend of science, strategy, accountability/ mindset coaching and Holistic Practices that provide you all the right ingredients for you success.

When you join, you are committing to...

  • living with intention and discipline.

  • staying the course even on the 'bad days'

  • creating a stronger relationship with yourself

  • Your continuous improvement.

  • Showing up and doing your best every day.

  • getting your business from idealization phase  to profit!

  • being open and willing for change even when you don't know what that looks like.

Our Inner Circle program bridges the gap from where you are now, to where you want and deserve to be.

Keep reading on, you will find that I'm talking to you, my Friend!

Erika B. Ervin 

Founder and Director, Modern Yinster

You've Tried and Tried and Tried Again BUT, it Never Seems to Work.

Each year you say this year will be different.  This is YOUR year to pivot into habits that stick, to see things through and live less overwhelmed!
But then, you try to change too much too fast.  Overwhelm creeps in and then you stall out.  The self doubt quickly follows and you are right back where you started.
Well... That's the past. From this point forward life will be different because you will choose to do something different. You will take action strategically and receive coaching and accountability every step of the way!
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The discovery of what I want in life has been profound.  The  simple strategies I've learned and implemented create focus and intention for me every to to live the live I want to live. I love being a part of the Inner Circle and knowing Erika and the others are always there for me! ~ K.C.


Through the Inner Circle, I've found my confidence!  It feel so good!  My productivity has gone up 100% and I've been able to stick to goals even when sh!+ gets hard.  Not to mention my coaching business is now REAL not just  a dream or idea in the back of my head!  I'm impacting so many lives! ~H.B.

Join the 12 Month Inner Circle Program!


Full Payment w/ Discount - $3,500 (Commit and Save BIG!)

A $300 Savings!

Payment Plan - $320.00/Month

Monthly Payment of $320.00 Auto Drafted Monthly.

6 MONTH Business coaching- $5,000

Expert coaching for Women in the Idealization Phase of their business.

Experiencing an amazing passion based business blossom from idea to profit is not magic, its structure, organization and hard work. 

There are many tools and business models out there and it can get overwhelm which leads to being stalled from moving forward and making money. 

If you are interested, first we need to set up a Discovery call.  Click below to email me!  I look forward to hearing from you!

You are in GREAT hands with Erika and her team.

Erika has 15 years in the Health and Wellness industry.  She has helped hundreds of women create a beautiful blend of structure, discipline and holistic lifestyle tools to create and sustain harmony in all roles of their lives.

Her authentic ability to uplift women to continue to push their potential has resulted in her clients' success in their businesses and personal lives.

Our Inner Circle is a beautiful blend of 4 pillars that support your stage for success! 

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Full Payment w/ Discount - $3,500 (Commit and Save BIG!)

A $300 Savings!

Payment Plan - $320.00/Month

Monthly Payment of $320.00 Auto Drafted Monthly.