I Was Jealous of The Deliver Man

I knew I was in trouble the day I realized, I was jealous of the UPS Delivery Man.

Everyday I would see him come in and out of our office as I sat at my desk working on land development negotiations for a Corporate Employer.  He would come in and say, “hello.” and maybe make small talk then quickly return to the beautiful outdoors to drive away in his wide open and airy brown truck.  Off to his next drop off.  Off to new people to meet.  Off to deliver happiness as I sat at my desk, longing to come and go as I please.

I was jealous of the Deliver Man.  So jealous in fact, it changed my life.  I found a bit of clarity in this realization BUT, that clarity created even more chaos as I knew that my direction in life was going to change.  But how?  Where do I start?  What do I do?  What’s next?  Is this right?

All the questions were flying into my mind and I couldn’t keep my thoughts straight.  It was causing anxiety.  Then, it happened.  The big accident.  In a split second because a 4 Wheeler malfunctioned with my Dad on it, my life was forever changed.  I witnessed first hand how quickly people can be taken and paths can be changed.  This accident was the spark the grew into a fire that to this day burns deep inside the pit of my core.   Life is too short to live in stress and chaos.  Life is too short to live upon a dream.  Life is too short to not be present.  Life is too short and precious to live it on Auto Pilot.

My Dad would say, “an unfortunate man lives in the past.  A sad man wants for the future.  A wise man lives now.”

This is not where my journey with Clarity Above Chaos ends.  In fact, this is where my awareness of the need for clarity begins.

The journey is not always clear and can be chaotic at times, but that doesn’t have to be our normal and nor should it be.  When we walk forward with clarity we know our passion and we live that passion every day with faith that the future will happen as it should.  That is what I want for you.

Let’s talk about how you can find that same clarity in your everyday life so you can live a happy, fulfilled and successful life.  email me: erika@modernyinster.com to schedule your free 30 min Clarity Call with me!  I look forward to talking with you!


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