Day 4 – Understanding

Welcome to Day 4 - Understanding Yourself Better

So why on earth would we want to understand ourselves better?

When we seek to better understand out thoughts, emotions and actions, we realize how much is conditioned by our surroundings. It's not actually who we are.  It's conditioning.

Once we understand that we have to opportunity to let them go.  And that's liberating!  That's change!

Self mastery is what we seek so we can continually evolve to be the best we can be for ourselves and others.

I've found a unique way to understand ourselves better is to take a RISK!  Taking a risk means that the outcome is unknown. For many of us, that fear of the 'what can happen' stops us from moving forward.

In order to better understand ourselves and self reflect, let's take some risk and see what happens.

It can be a big or small risk.  It's what you are comfortably uncomfortable with.  If a risk doesn't present to you today, at least you are thinking about it.  You are still aware of it.  That is understanding yourself better in order to create more focus!

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