Day 3 – Clarity

Welcome to Day 3 of 5 Days of FOCUS

Clarity is the 'C' in our clever and creative acronym! This is our longer task and lesson but it's still pretty short and pack a real power punch for our mind and body.

I highly recommend you watch the video AND read the for our day 3!

Today we learn a Japa Meditation.

Japa in Sanskrit means muttering.  In this meditation we repeat a word, mantra or divine name.

It is rhythmic and calming.   Of all the meditations I teach, this one creates the biggest most profound positive response!

This meditation activates the slower Alpha brain wave for FOCUS and Learning.  My-Oh-My how appropriate!

The Alpha brain wave is stimulated when you are not focsing on too much.  Today, relax our minds to create more focus.

Pick a word that resonates with you.  Here are some examples but the possibilities are infinite!

  • ease
  • relax
  • calm
  • divine
  • love
  • all is love
  • Anchored
  • Dedicated

So what word are you feeling on your heart today?

Take out your phone (that now only has 3 apps open on your home screen, right?) and set a timer for two minutes.

Sit comfortable in a chair with both feet on the ground or sit on the ground.  Just get comfortable.  Begin to breathe.

After you have taken a few breaths to center... begin your repetition.

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