Day 2 – Off Set Distractions

Welcome to Day 2 of your 5 Day FOCUS Challenge!

As you can imagine, there are many different ways to offset distractions to increase focus.  But I have one in particular that is simple and gives us power with a pause.

Are you ready?  This one may make you gasp, but hey, you are here to be a little challenged right?

Remove all but 3 of your most important apps from the home screen on your phone.

Whoa... you okay?  Did you pass out?

  • This will give you a moment to pause as you swipe.  That pause if POWERFUL because it gives you time to refocus and question yourself on the intention of heading to the app you are lookin for.
  • You'll eventually stop looking at your phone so much!
  • This will also remove clutter!  Why remove clutter... because external clutter will clutter the mind.  A cluttered mind is a huge distraction.

So are you ready?  I know this is a big leap of faith and trust in me and yourself.

You got this!  Tomorrow I will lead you through a powerful and quick exercise to help you find clarity in any moment and task!

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