Day 1 – FOCUS

Day 1  of  The 5 Day FOCUS experience!

I used to think Acronyms were kind of cheesy but then I created this one for FOCUS and I must admit, I feel creative and clever!

Creating the Acronym helped me focus in on the intentions of our 5 days together and frankly, energized me!

In case you were not able to join our Kick Off Zoom and Coaching session, Here is that Clever acronym for our 5 Days of FOCUS

Feed Your Creativity

Offset Distractions

Clarity in Intention

Understand Yourself Better

Set Yourself Up For Success


So Today's FOCUS task is....


Use your Planner Space and Don't forget to mark your micro goal today!

Steve Jobs said, "Creativity is connecting things."

So, let's begin to connect things...

  • Connect your thoughts to paper
  • Connect the colors you see or that are in your mind to a blank canvas.
  • Find a one word intention this week and create an Acronym.  (Sorry, you can't use mine.. that's cheating!)
  • Connect to your deeper self by a meditation!  (or a class within our membership that you have access to!)
  • Connect your wild side to song and movement!

Creativity is vitality.  Vitality is strong and focused energy!

And remember, creating sustainable focus is ongoing work.  It's not a one and done kind of things... BUT all of these tasks are instant gratification!

You got this!

I'll see you tomorrow as I give you a simple, unique and maybe a little nerve racking FOCUS task!  ( come on... let's get a little uncomfortable!  What do ya say?)

Below I added some music to help you get into the flow of your creativity today! ENJOY!

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