The Mindful Challenge Series.  

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Mindful Mastery in all Areas of Your Life!

Yin Yoga For Every Day

5 Days & 5 Ways to Simplify Life.

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Detailed Outline...

Week 1 - Mindful Mastery
Day 1 - Building General but Sustainable and Simple Routines and Behaviors for a strong and consistent success.
Day 2 - Mindful Breathing Techniques.  Two Unique simple breathing techniques to foster energy and productivity by calming the mind and gently stimulating the Vagas nerve
Day 3 - Mindful Eating.  Intro To the 3 Ayurevedic Body Types.
Day 4 - Eating and Building Specific Simple Routines for your body type and current mood
Day 5 - Mindful Communication Techniques to improve all relationships.  3 terms and Ideas to easily recognize in your mind before you speak/respond.

Week 2 - Yin Yoga (Basics and Beyond)
Day 1 -
 Yin vs Yang.  A new way of viewing balance.  Balance is Achievable.
Day 2 - Issues in Your Tissues.  Learn how to decipher what your body needs and how that coorsponds to what your mind needs.
Day 3 - Subtle Energy and the Energetic benefits of Yin
Day 4 - Yin Poses for 4 Major Tension Areas.  Hips, Back, Shoulders and Neck.
Day 5 - Putting it all together.  How to self prescribe Yin Postures!

Week 3 - Simplicity Challenge
Day 1 -
 Evaluation Day.  Complete a worksheet evaluating your spaces.  Prioritize them and evaluate how you feel in each of them.
Day 2 - Declutter Day!  Keep / Throw Away / Store
Day 3 - Think before you buy!  Consumption Kills Minimalism.
Day 4 - Create a simple gratitude daily practice.
Day 5 - Re evaluate from Day 1.  PURGE and create space!


 The Mindful Mastery Challenge

After years of working hard to reach my goals with marginal success, I stepped back and practiced Mindfulness in every aspect of my Life. That is when my purpose became clear and because of the clarity, I didn't have to work so hard but I created an abundance of what I want/need in life. I paid more attention to my family while increasing my productivity with minimal stress!

I see my friends and family struggling with living life on Autopilot. You know, going through the motions. I say, let's take the drivers seat.

So this is my challenge to you. For 5 days, focus on YOU. Use my guided intentions and tools to remind you every day to take time out to be in your moment.

Every day you will be offered a tool to create deeper awareness and connection to ...
~ Food Choices
~ Prayer/Meditation/Stillness
~ Physical Activity
~ Relationships (Personal, Professional, Family and Friends)
~ Physical and Emotional Healing

To cost of this challenge is tiny. Here is the link for checkout...
You ready to make a change?

Yin Yoga Challenge

I found Yin Yoga in a time in my life where I couldn't sit still.  I always had noise in my head and pain in my muscles from working out so much.  This form of yoga has change my life and my family. I know many of you are like this too and it's okay!!  ( I still am sometimes!) Take a few seconds to read on and commit to this challenge with me! 

Explore and take control of your thoughts.  Increase your flexibility, mobility and improve performance.  Yin Yoga is accessible to everyone. I want us to spend 5 days together digging deep in how to incorporate Yin into your every day life. 

Yin Yoga is yielding, allowing and nourishing.  Yin tissues in the body govern the muscle's Range of Motion.  With even just a little Yin Yoga in your life, you will feel better and happier within your body.

Each of these 5 Days we will explore different facets to Yin that you can use in every day life.  Even skills to help calm you down in that long grocery store line on Sunday Morning! (it's true!!!)   

5 Days, 5 Ways to Simplify Your Life

MINIMAL and SIMPLICITY are all buzz words right now and why is that? Because it's what our life is craving. In a state of constant noise, clutter, opinions and devices, our minds need something beautiful... PEACE.

We can't run like a hamster on the wheel cause our life will go absolutely nowhere. Creating simplicity in our life helps us find clarity.

What's so great about clarity? Because you get what you need and want out of life and with little effort, you begin to create the life you dream of without having to give any of the good stuff up. The good stuff being family, fun, vacation etc. In fact... you will get more of the good stuff not less. Win, Win right? Yes!!

In 5 Days you will be prompted and guided on 5 ways to bring more simplicity into your home and office.

~ First, we will declutter
~ Then, we Fix your Fridge. (remove harmful foods and organize your fridge
~ Lastly, create a natural, airy space for you to retreat to within your home or office.

Oh it's so on! Sign up today!!