August Newsletter

“You will get what you focus on, so focus on what you want!”

I love that quote above.  A simple reminder to stay the course.  But also with this reminder, I want you to give yourself permission to WANT something.  What is it that you want?  You’re not being selfish, I promise.  Go on… make a list of what you want!

This is the month to set intentions for your goals.  It’s a great month to create agreements with yourself.  Agreements with yourself that allow you walk forward with a decided heart.  So much so as if you have already achieved your goals and received what you want.

    BEWARE of traps!

A common trap is to get discouraged and lose focus because you don’t see forward movement.  The trap is… you are ALWAYS moving forward even when the work is not glamourous.

So this month and through the end of the year is going to rock.  Imma tell you why… I have put together quite the schedule to deliver tools to you that helps you the ditch the overwhelm and keep focus.

Here is a brief outline of events planned for you!  It’s pretty darn stellar as I have also partnered with Sawubona Sister Gatherings.  This is a place for women to support each other in all of our individual walk in personal and spiritual growth.  I will be sending you more info about this over the next month!

Sunday, Aug. 30th : 5 Factors of Focus an Interactive Webinar.  Take Action with Clarity and Purpose
Sept 19th – 20th: Be-YOU-ti-FULL Unique Virtual Retreat
Sept 21 – Oct 5th – Grand Opening for our Modern Yinster VIP Membership and Accountability Program (celebrate with me!)
September: Release of the Modern Yinster Focus Planner!
Nov. 1-5: Flexibility Challenge (if you can’t wait, sign up HERE and you will have immediate access!)
December: Absolutely no events, focus on fully supporting our membership through the end of the year challenges and 2021 transition.

Registration for our VIP Membership and Accountability is always open!

NOW is the time to buckle up, use the resources in our group to work out any kinks physically, emotionally and professionally so you stay healthy mind, body and soul.

Farewell for now!  I know you are a busy lady so I’m going to let ya go!

Love you,

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