Assumptions and Smoke Screens

Assumptions are the love child of our stories and our conditioned existence.  Assumption is the result of an aversion or something we don’t like.  Assumptions can ruin relationships.

While we were waiting at the ENT I saw a woman waiting with two children. One was about two and the other I’d guess maybe 7 or 8. The older child had special needs that needed his Mother’s attention constantly.

I immediately gave thanks that I have two healthy children. Then I felt sorry for her. This is where my lesson of the day hit home. I felt sorry for her but at the same time I was so proud of her.

I was sorry that she had to devote all of her time to him and didn’t have a quiet moment to her self. Then I wondered how selfish of me was it to think that. I’m proud of her. Maybe she made the decision long ago that this was the way it is and she would gladly devote her life to her children and need for nothing more. 

THEN I remember a lesson I taught in my Awake and Aware class about assumptions.  How we make assumptions to satisfy our curiosity and our need to know. I had made a big fat assumption. I have perceived the truth through my self made smoke screen. I can not see things clearly.

Fact is I don’t know anything about her. Her life. Her past. Her choices. Her family. Not a damn thing. And I don’t need to know. What I need to do is send her unconditional love. That is it. That is all. Assumptions to fill my curiosity of human behavior are not necessary. SMACK IN THE FACE!

In our Yinster Community we also play a game.  It’s called Truth and Dare.

This week’s Truth: identify an assumption in any given situation.

Dare:  Step back from the situation, take a second to breathe and ask yourself, ” what happens when I let go of this assumption?”

This was my truth on assumption.  Identified by a smack in the face. My Dare, what would this be like if I didn’t make this assumption….  is Love and Contentment.

I love those life lessons.

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