222 Erika

About Erika

Erika helps and inspires women and organizations to increase quality productivity!

Intentional and focused minds = a peaceful but productive life.

BUT... The reason she does this is so much bigger than herself. Living a simple but productive life is about leaving a legacy and an example to our children to enjoy the pursuit for excellence.

Her coaching and training programs are carefully designed and catered to every client.  They teach you how to do the thought work, connect with your emotions and recognize and change behaviors to lead a productive yet peaceful lifestyle.  

Erika has created a strong tribe of women that brave vulnerability through support and recognition.

Aside from my business, she loves connecting.  She does this by getting involved in many groups and organizations.

Currently Erika is serving her third term on a local Chapter of the American Business Women's Association - The Leading Woman’s Express Network. She is eager and excited to serve as the 2019/2020 President Elect.

She is also a Certified 200 - Expert Registered Yoga Teacher, Travels the country to deliver workshops and Teacher Training Modules.

She has 14 years experience as a Certified Health and Wellness Coach.

Erika is married to Kyle Ervin and has two Sons and one Fur Baby.  In her leisure time she enjoys hanging out with her family, being a foodie and writing her book or poetry.  

Fun Facts: Obsessed with Spicy Cheetos, Opera and calling people out who leave their dogs in cars.