Corporate Culture Consultant

Erika has over 10+ years of Leadership and team development experience.  He focus it to help you build a culture that  lowers turnover rates,  increases appreciation and productivity.  

Her programs bring a new and exciting approach to individual and team communications. Every program and presentation is customized for your organization's specific needs and goals for building a strong culture and increased quality productivity.  

Please connect with Erika to further discuss your organization's goals and how her programs can create a sustainable drama free work place and an exciting company culture.  Be the place where everyone WANTS to be! 

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Personal Mindset Training

Take a Road Trip with Erika as she guides you through the innovative self inquiry program, Clarity Above Chaos.

This program is carefully designed and customized for your and your particular needs to dig in deeper and free yourself from your perceived limitations.


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200 Hr - ERYT, YACEP

Erika is a National Presenter for Yoga Teacher Training, Workshops, Seminars and Retreats.  All presentations are customized to the needs of the organization or School. Participants will have a fun experience with adventurous internal exploration! Topics include (but not limited to)

  • A Modern Approach to the Niyamas
  • A Practical Application of the Gunas
  • Business of Yoga
  • Yoga Ethics
  • Yin Yoga



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