Welcome to the Modern Yinster Experience.  This is Where women who seek achievement and lifestyle alignment come to learn, connect and be supported!
I'm Erika Ervin.  I created the Modern Yinster © brand to be a beacon of hope and a symbol for achievement driven women who seek harmony and success in every aspect of their lives.  
Me and the M.Y. team help women create stainable mental health and physical renewal practices via our Yin Lifestyle Programs©
If you are ready to ditch the overwhelm and say "Yes" to your Whole self, then you are a Modern Yinster!


A Woman who knows that in order to have the biggest impact outward, she must be courageous on her journey inward. 
A Modern Yinster actively seeks improvement to implement a simple life, increase quality productivity and lower overwhelm through education, accountability and a community of other Yinsters. 

What are Yin LifeStyle Programs©?

(Self Care, Professional and Personal Development Programs and coaching for  high achieving women.)


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Daily Support, Real Conversations, and Personal and Professional Development.

We are a group of high achievers that work together to greatest impact in our lives and our communities.

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Whether you are an individual or organization, there are many ways to benefit from Erika's Holistic take within her Productivity Coaching, Workshops and Speaking Engagements.

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Align Your Personal and Professional Life While Tracking your Micro Goals.  Think small to grow big!

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