Erika Ervin is the Founder of Modern Yinster©.  We are a comprehensive Well Being Coaching, and Corporate Consulting Brand.  We help Legal Departments, Lean Companies and Individuals mitigate burnout and increase engagement, emotional resilience and productivity.  Welcome to our website!



You are in control of your life.  Emotional, mental and/or physical afflictions can make you feel you have lost autonomy.  
We will also teach you how to create laser focus and organization  around your task and relationship behaviors to create more joy, happiness and success with less sacrifice of the things that matter the most to you.  
The Pivot Cycle

Our Inner Circle is where the magic happens!


We believe that a company's biggest asset is its employees. Having happy and healthy employees means that your business is not just a JOB for them. It's a culture that they are proud to be a part of and eager to engage in creative collaboration.
They feel as if they are an important part of something bigger than themselves. They wake up ready to show up!
I have found that employee engagement and wellness are inseparable and highly engaged teams show 21% greater profitability.
Our programs mitigate burnout, increase engagement, stress resilience and  productivity by up to 70%.

Here at Erika B. Ervin - Modern Yinster we create and facilitate  Well Being Initiatives that encompass all dimensions of life.


Inner Circle 

Ditch the overwhelm, find accountability and a powerful community of other Active Achievers making transformation every single day!

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Whether you are an individual or organization, there are many ways to benefit from Erika's Holistic take within her Productivity Coaching, Workshops and Speaking Engagements.

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Align Your Personal and Professional Life While Tracking your Micro Goals.  Think small to grow big!

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